Experience is the new competitive advantage.


Experience is the new competitive advantage.



80% of CEO’s believe they deliver a superior customer experience…

But only 8% of their customers agree.*

How big is your Experience Gap?


Source: Qualtrics*


We can help you, whether you need an extra arm to move your experience strategy forward, or if your don’t know where to start, Here’s what’s in our toolkit:

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Listening to the Voices That Matter P1

One of the biggest challenges is knowing you need to be listening to customers, employees, and other stakeholders but there are many places and times you could listen – picking where to do it can be overwhelming. Thinking about when to listen in a systematic way makes this easier and allows the efforts you undertake to be focused and effective. Do you know when it makes the most sense to listen? Enjoy part 1 of why listening matters.

Experience is the New Branding

Many of you are asking how this crisis will change the landscape for marketing professionals. However, the changes required will apply to everyone. If you are in business, then you are in marketing! If you think that marketing is just about communications and advertising… you are just seeing two pieces of a much larger puzzle. The way I like to define it is that marketing is all about experiences. “Experience” IS the new branding!

Pivoting with Experience Management

The challenges that come with the current crisis we are living as a result of the infamous COVID-19 are certainly teaching all of us different lessons. From an experience management standpoint, this crisis is proving the core fundamentals that every experience champion should keep in mind: Employee, Customer, Innovation and Brand experiences.


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Cory Davison

Want to know the right strategy to attain your experience results? Cory will help you get unstuck and gain clarity on the best path to get the results that you need.

Cory is one of only 100 Gold Qualtrics Certified researchers and a certified customer experience (CX) expert. With more than two decades of experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and in corporate leadership roles, Cory is a guru in connecting the dots and bringing data into action. Her expertise has been invaluable to companies in several industries: software and hardware technologies, manufacturing, automotive, financial, retail, government, lottery, non-profit, human resources, pharmaceutical and others. Cory has led ground-up B2B and B2C Voice of the Customer programs for companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation, BGA now HSBC in Latin America and SMART Technologies.

Operational Research

Katrina Starnes

Drowning in data? Looking for the real story in the numbers so you can move forward? Katrina will turn complexity into actionable insights, and you won’t even know how the magic happened – she makes it look that easy!

With nearly two decades of experience in market research (both quantitative and qualitative) Katrina and her team are adept at finding creative research solutions that balance client needs and budgets. Katrina’s project work spans numerous industries: transportation, pharma, government, education, retail, advertising, museums, utilities, credit unions, analytics firms and non-profits; as well as typography: customer feedback, B2B, competitive intelligence, advertising effectiveness, employee engagement, grant-funded program evaluation, branding, product development, and more.


Becky Wheat-Bain

Want to know what happens when science and experience are combined? We mean designing simple and easy to use products and services. That’s Becky!

A former competitive speed-skater, Becky is relentless. She is a curious expert in human-factors and usability science with 23+ years of direct experience and passion in observing and solving problems with users in mind. With a background in Kinesiology and Engineering she can identify both the human and product perspectives of a problem space. Her experience in a wide range of industries that involve online or offline interactions including: military, medical, emergency response, oil and gas, automotive, commercial and athletic devices provides her the insights to get to the root of an issue and identify opportunities.


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