The Entrepreneurial CHALLENGE

Are you up for the challenge?


There are moments in life when we are at a crossroad. This is what is happening to ALL OF US right now!

The crossroad has two options, you can get overwhelmed and get paralyzed with fear and doubt, or you can focus and make sound decisions that will lead you to FREEDOM!

Right now, it might feel as though we are biting on a lemon – yup, it’s sour! Now imagine yourself sipping a glass of lemonade when the crisis is over. Mmm, how will that taste?

Turning a lemon (in this case the harshness of this crisis) into a lemonade (the opportunities) requires a recipe, good quality ingredients and more importantly … taking ACTION!

Whether you are a business owner, employee or have been recently laid-off, we are ALL undergoing change. Perhaps the current crisis is just the drop that spilled the glass. This may be the signal that it’s time to make a change and turn your entrepreneurial spirit up a notch. You want to come out successfully on the other side of this crisis. Let’s face it, that won’t happen unless you focus!

Now, imagine having two seasoned coaches guiding you to gain clarity and take action on your ideas or next move

That’s why we have created a new Masterclass like no other. We call it The Entrepreneurial Challenge! With more than two decades of real-life experience as entrepreneurs and leaders, Cory and Katrina will guide you to take your ideas and turn them into successful outcomes.

We’ll share not only our lessons learned but the core bullet-proof strategies that have served us and hundreds of others in the past… you got it, it’s not thousands of others. There are only a few champions who commit to their success and overcome their struggles.

My question to you is, are you one of these champions?

This is NOT a “Let me tell you what the book of best-practices says,” masterclass. We are in unprecedented times and it requires unprecedented solutions. This is a roll up our sleeves and let’s do this together session.

Here’s what you will get by joining us on this mission to optimize the entrepreneur in YOU:

  • 4 weekly live small group sessions (maximum 20). 75 minutes in length, including 30 mins of Q&A
  • 1 hour of 1:1 coaching to focus on your idea and plan
  • Workbook with a guide to prepare your personal plan and stay accountable
  • Peer discussion and support
  • Accountability group
  • Awards and recognition
  • Certificate of participation

At the end of the 4 weeks, you will have your plan of action to enter the fold as an entrepreneurial champion.




Interested in joining us? Further details will be released soon. Add your name and email to the waitlist to get access before everyone else.


Cory Davison

Cory Davison

CEO 4Xperience, Market Research and Experience Design Expert

Cory is one of only 100 Gold Qualtrics Certified researchers and a certified customer experience (CX) expert. With more than two decades of experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and in corporate leadership roles, Cory is a guru in connecting the dots and bringing data into action. Her expertise has been invaluable to companies in several industries.

Katrina Starnes

Katrina Starnes

Cofounder 4Xperience, Operational Research

With nearly two decades of experience in market research (both quantitative and qualitative) Katrina is adept at finding creative research solutions that balance client needs and budgets. Katrina’s project work spans numerous industries: transportation, pharma, government, education, retail, advertising, museums, utilities, credit unions, analytics firms and non-profits; as well as typography: customer feedback, B2B, competitive intelligence, advertising effectiveness, employee engagement, grant-funded program evaluation, branding, product development, and more.